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Elder Law in Pittsburgh PA

We specialize in all areas of elder law including, but not limited to, Medicaid eligibility, preserving family assets while qualifying for Medicaid, the Medicaid application process, qualifying for community based and in-home care, patient rights in long-term care facilities, family care giver contracts, special needs trusts, inheritance and tax issues, guardianship and long term care insurance. As part of our team approach, we work in connection with hand-picked insurers and financial advisors. The attorneys at Minto Law Group, LLC understand the needs of the elder community and represent our clients in a caring and compassionate way to help them achieve their planning goals.


  • Medicaid application/appeal process

  • Advance and crisis planning for Medicaid eligibility

  • Preserving assets while qualifying for Medicaid

  • Medicaid Estate recovery

  • Qualifying for community and home based services

  • Patient’s rights in assisted living facilities and skilled nursing care facilities

  • Qualifying for social security benefits

  • Estate Planning

  • Asset protection

  • Real estate

  • Qualifying for VA benefits

  • Accessing DRA complaint long term care insurance

  • Family caregiver contracts

  • Special needs planning/trusts

  • Guardianship

  • Elder Abuse

  • Safety/security issues for the elder population

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