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General Business: Corporate Governance in Pittsburgh PA

The Minto Law Group, LLC lawyers are corporate advisors and counselors. Through our experience and background, we are well equipped to provide the full spectrum of corporate governance and compliance assistance and support to all of our corporate clients, in the U.S. and abroad, consistent with their cultures and values, marketplace dictates, and the requirements of government authority and securities exchanges. In the area of corporate governance, we constantly advise clients on board and committee structures, as well as shareholder issues. In particular, we counsel boards and board committees on sensitive internal matters and investigations, as well as special committees charged with responding to potential acquirers.

In the compliance area, we tailor compliance programs in any number of areas, including

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

  • Antitrust/fair trade/unfair business practices

  • Environment/health/safety/product integrity

  • Human resources issues, including employee relations, employee privacy, protection of company information, conflicts of interests and self-dealing

  • Tax compliance matters

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