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General Business: Employment Agreements in Pittsburgh PA

While most employees are considered “employees-at will,” which literally means you are working at the will of the employer, some employers and employees enjoy the additional formality of an employment agreement. It is important to have your employment contract reviewed by an experienced attorney before it is finalized. There are also situations where counsel is needed after execution of the agreement, if the terms and conditions of employment are breached or the premature termination the employment relationship.
Employment agreements are often difficult to understand and negotiate. Each contract requires a careful, focused, and thorough evaluation by a competent attorney. Minto Law Group, LLC maintains an excellent reputation in this field with employers, employees and the legal community. Depending on the particular facts of your situation and your specific goals, the attorneys at Minto Law Group, LLC will work with you to negotiate with your employer or employee, and represent you in federal or state court.
Please be aware that there are sometimes strict deadlines associated with the terms of an employment contract. If you would like a thorough evaluation of an employment contract do not delay in contacting Minto Law Group, LLC for a comprehensive consultation with an attorney.

Signing a Contract
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