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Charitable Entities in Pittsburgh PA

Charitable Entities in Pittsburgh PA
As families begin to accumulate wealth, creating charitable entities usually becomes more and more attractive, from both a legacy and tax planning point of view. Congress, through the tax code, has provided many generous opportunities for families to provide significant charitable legacies for their families while simultaneously gaining significant tax savings opportunities. A properly planned and executed charitable plan will allow our clients to save sixty percent or more on their federal income, gift and estate tax bills. Moreover, for wealthier families, the creation and maintenance of a family charitable foundation allows them to concentrate their charitable giving in one place where it can be effectively managed and reviewed. This concentration of giving is often preferable to the spread out and disorganized charitable giving undertaken by many wealthy families.
Ralph Minto, Jr. is a founding member of the Pittsburgh Foundation’s Business Advisory Committee. Minto Law Group, LLC can assist you in all matters pertaining to the creation, operation and maintenance of all types charitable entities, whether simple or complex. The following link will take you to our course where we more fully discuss many of the charitable planning opportunities.

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