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Business Tax Strategies

Minto Law Group, LLC specializes in the development and implementation of a wide range of sophisticated individual and business tax strategies. These strategies include, among others, both international and domestic captive insurance structures, self canceling installment note transactions, leveraged irrevocable life insurance trust transactions, offshore life insurance structures, domestic irrevocable trust structures for state tax planning purposes and strategies designed to reduce the total income and estate tax burden associated with pension, profit sharing and retirement plan distributions.
While the strategies set forth above name just a few of the tax saving strategies that we utilize, there are many other that we use depending upon the facts and circumstances presented by our clients. Please be advised that our strategies are tried and true and have been accepted by the Internal Revenue Service or are expressly permitted by the Internal Revenue Code. We take a very conservative approach to planning and have the greatest deal of respect for the law. We take pains to ensure that every transaction we undertake is reported completely and thoroughly to the Internal Revenue Service or the Department of the Treasury, as the case may be.
Moreover, we recognize that many of these transactions can become quite complicated and involve many areas of the law and even foreign jurisdictions. Therefore we have developed strategic partnerships with the best legal, accounting and insurance advisors that who have demonstrated their excellence to us both through their professionalism and their ability to get the job done right the first time. This ability to bring to bear the best advisors available in a given area allows us to complete tasks that in many circumstances could not be accomplished by even the largest of legal or accounting firms. Even with their size they simply cannot have the best in all fields available on an ongoing basis.
We believe you will be making the correct decision by allowing Minto Law Group, LLC to provide personal and business tax strategies to cover your needs.

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