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Asset Protection in Pittsburgh PA

Minto Law Group, LLC combines asset protection planning with virtually every other aspect of its businesses. Asset protection planning is simply the advance placement of assets in areas where your future creditors cannot reach them. Please understand that we do not advocate nor represent anyone who attempts to hide their assets. Rather, we use the laws of many state and foreign jurisdictions and certain business and trust entities to place assets where creditors can see your assets but simply cannot touch them. As stated in other sections of our materials we believe in the full disclosure and copiously comply with all reporting requirements.
Properly implemented plans provide the safest places available for the protection of your hard earned assets. Please click on the link that follows which takes you to a power point presentation that more fully discussed the asset protection planning. There are a total of three power point presentations that will move you from the simplest of asset protection strategies to some of our most complicated.
Please contact an advisor at Minto Law Group, LLC to discuss your needs.

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