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Pittsburgh PA

Business Tax Strategies

We specialize in the development and implementation of a wide range of sophisticated tax savings strategies for both individual and business taxpayers.

Employment Discrimination

Employers may not discriminate against an employee on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, national origin or religion.

Business Succession

We create strategies that allow family and business wealth to pass as smoothly as is practical to the succeeding generations.

Asset Protection

Asset protection planning is simply the advance placement of assets in areas where your future creditors cannot reach them.

Elder Law

We specialize in all areas of elder care law including medicaid, patient rights and more.

Elder Financial Abuse

We represent individuals who have
been the victim of Elder Financial Abuse.


Minto Law Group is a Pittsburgh based law firm proudly serving Pennsylvania.

We believe that law is about people, and we listen carefully to each of our clients to understand his or her unique needs. Only then can we design a plan or solution that will be effective.

General Business:
Choice of Entity

We offer advice and direction to entrepreneurs on the most advantageous choice of business structure to meet their specific needs.

General Business:
Corporate Governance

We are well equipped to provide the full spectrum of corporate governance and compliance assistance.

General Business:
Employment Agreements

While most employees are considered “employees-at will”, some employers and employees enjoy the additional formality of an employment contract.


The litigation practice spans a wide range of litigation matters, including traditional commercial disputes such as breach of contract, employment agreements and construction/engineering contractual and work scope disputes.

Mergers & Acquisitions

In the course of our representation of successful business owners and entrepreneurs, we grow with them and often times we see an eventual desire to expand or sell off their hard-earned enterprise. It is a natural part of their business life cycle.

Special Needs

We understand the requirements of a special needs person with a physical or mental disability, or an individual with a chronic illness. We can create trusts for his or her benefit in unlimited amounts.


We never take a case if we do not believe we can cost-effectively achieve the results the client desires.

Each initial client meeting begins with a thoughtful and meticulous review of his or her case to evaluate the prospects for success.

Federal, State & Local Tax Representation

The prospect of owing either corporate or individual taxes, along with penalties and interest can be daunting. Minto Law Group has successfully represented taxpayers in disputes with the Internal Revenue Service Appellate Division in over one hundred cases.

Charitable Entities

We are well equipped to provide the full spectrum of corporate governance and compliance assistance.

Alan Donatelli

Vice President and CFO, Select Restaurants, Inc. - Cleveland, OH.

Thank you to Minto Law Group, LLC for their fine work in protecting the little guy from the 800-pound gorilla in our recent litigation matter. Both I, John Quagliata and others involved at Select Restaurants sincerely appreciate your efforts.


Our Team


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Michelle Kopnski


Sharon Minto


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